Jan 28, 2016

work in progress

This is still work in progress - expect more content by mid February.

Jan 24, 2016

long Macan videos

These are long Macan videos which explain things to you in greater detail, especially interior functions are nicely displayed. Interior topics matter a lot to me, since they deal with stuff you constantly touch and feel.

by Kyle, as usual with very detailed coverage of the interior

Nick Murray presenting his parent's Macan S Diesel

Information by Autogef├╝hl, concise and reasonable

Official Porsche Macan instruction video
I highly recommend watching it before spending much time in the configurator


Jan 21, 2016

Best Macan Review Videos

I consider these to currently be the best Macan videos published on youtube. Watch them before anything else.

honest & down to earth > Motormouth Canada Macan Review by Zack Spencer
best Macan imagery - no need to understand russian

Macan S review - by Marek Drives, funny & informative
Macan Turbo impressions, no talking, just style
Macan S Diesel drive & sound impressions by Automan-TV,

Where to start

Where do you best start your journey into Porsche options land?

While not going into budget topics, first I'd check out some of the best review vids on youtube. They give you a good overview and start to raise the first few questions. The downside > most of the reviewers are not owners, so they present almost fully optioned cars - and ain't very objective about certain topics.

For example it'll be hard to find quality information when it comes to steel springs. 80% of the demo vehicles featured in videos are equipped with air suspension.

Place your own needs above what everybody has to say, for example we live in a tiny country with lots of speed limits, engine power was far less important than interior options and some safety features. Especially since our ride is going to be a family car.

Don't focus much on the different models in the beginning. While it's obvious that the Turbo has the strongest engine, you'll learn about the other minor differences over time. (I've put together a comparison here xxx though.)

Next I'd watch some of the lengthy vids and also the official Macan introduction video to familiarize with some of the options in more detail. If you are new to the brand then at this stage it certainly makes a lot of sense to watch Nick's 991 six month ownership review video.

Then it's time to launch the Macan configurator and get a first feeling for pricing. Nick Murray produced a great video with inspiring thought process when it comes to the configurator.

At this point you might consider a test drive at your local Porsche dealer.

Next find overview sites like xxxxxx or this little blog which make it easy to quickly compare different rims or interior extras and point you to specific topics spread around the whole internet.

By now you're familiar with most Porsche land acronyms such as
AS = air suspension
LKA = lane keep assist
LCA = lane change assist
SC = Sport Chrono package
and so forth, bookmark this acronym list

Meaning, you're fit to delve into the best information ressource out there, the macanforum.com .
I don't recommend starting there though - since it's a HUGE forum. It hosts many quality postings and ownership reviews by great enthusiasts ... but those articles are hard to find. Often you'll find yourself skipping 20 (chat) postings before spotting the answer to your questions.

Jan 20, 2016

Welcome - some bits about me

Today I placed the order for a Porsche Macan S ! It's going to be my ... well our first car :-) It's been a week since I passed the driver's test at age 40 :-)  quite an exciting month so far.
The research to understand and decide on Porsche options has often been exhausting and way too inconvenient (read > a pain in the ass). I also felt unhappy about the shallow level of information provided on Porsche.com and their configurator.

So I decided to share what I've learned over the last few months and support others in the same situation, in the hope to safe you guys and gals some hassle & research time.
Keep in mind that I refuse to ride a Porsche until we take delivery of our own one. So all views until September 2016 are based on theory, amassed impressions and personal taste.

About me
Since very early childhood I always found the 911 silhouette to be strikingly beautiful and it has been a dream ever since to once own one. Eventually I crossed paths with an enchanting she...
Enchanting she becomes adorable wife, some months later lovely little ones then deserved more of me than any of my car dreams.
Kids thrive on, wife starts to work, then decides to contribute all of her 2yrs salary to fulfill hubby's and also the family's dream.

I hope the blog will be helpful to at least some of you. This is all about a special family car.

us & our great-aunt

Copyrighted material & media I don't own the rights to
In many cases I don't own any rights of the media I post in this blog. I absolutely have no commercial interests while posting. If you disagree with me reposting your content, please tell me so in the comments section and I'll remove the content asap. Wherever possible I'll place a link to the source of the content. All credits go to the original uploader.